Mezzanines allow you to change empty overhead space into usable storage areas, depending on the size of your facility, mezzanine or raised storage platform structures can be one, two or more levels high. These storage solutions allow you to leverage potential storage space in your existing facility without having to pay for expensive relocation or reconstruction costs. Whether you’re looking to increase your bulk floor storage, shelving or carton flow pick systems – mezzanines are a cost effective option for increasing your existing storage space.



Mezzanine floor is the best solution to adding a second or third layer in your existing space to create more available space. This enables you to achieve uninterrupted space above and below which offers unlimited flexibility for utilization of space. For example, you may want to utilize the ground floor for storage platform, manufacturing, work or picking area.Mezzanine platforms are disassembled and easy to modify the dimension or location than other system to meet your future operational requirements of the warehouse.All of Maxrac mezzanine floor systems are designed in accordance with engineering standards.