APP Modified, Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane for Bridge


It is APP (Atactic Polypropylene) modified plastomeric waterproofing membrane with non-woven spunbond polyester felt; both sides are coated with polyethylene film or silica sand; suitable use in bridge, viaducts and roads.


In bridge, road and viaducts for waterproofing purposes.


Flexible and long lasting.
Applicable on different kind of surfaces.
Has high elongation and tensile strength.
Resistant to aggressive effect of the soil.
Easily applied to the details of dilation, edges of chimney and parapet returns etc.


Application substrate should be cleaned off loose pieces, oil and other chemicals. Surface defects are repaired with the suitable REPAMERK repair mortars, corners are chamfered with PH 55 bitumen fillet tape. It is recommended to use the B PR 100 as a primer on the application surface for accomplish application.


10 cm over topping shall be allowed for joints and 15 cm over topping for ends by using welding torch. The surface coated with mineral stone on joints should be heated and minerals should be buried in to the bituminous surface by using trowel before welding the joints together. The transverse joints of the first layer covering should be laid down in an offset position. For the top layer, longitudinal and transverse joints of the first layer should be centered. Roof covers should be laid perpendicular to the slope from the point where the slope is lowest.

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