Vibrant Group Trading W.L.L was set up to help foreign investors establish their presence in the growing market of Qatar. The
company recently started operations under the able leadership of their chairman, Abdul Rehman Abdul Jaleel Abdulghani Nasser.

At Vibrant Group Trading W.L.L, we are aware that a great business idea is only the starting point in the entrepreneurial journey of building a winning business. To successfully establish a business, a sound business idea must be turned into a business opportunity, supported by a strong team and adequate business capital, and backed by a well-planned system. This is where we step in. We make this seemingly daunting task, especially to a first time entrepreneur, an enjoyable journey with the right guidance, planning and support.

Based on our in-depth knowledge of the local market and our vast business experience, we offer a comprehensive range of business consultancy and support services to investors as well as trading and contracting companies, including feasibility studies and start-up support that cut across several industry sectors and interests. We also offer reputed international companies with the best opportunities to establish a joint venture in the vibrant business arena of Qatar. There are few markets as favorable as Qatar and few business partners as reliable as Vibrant Group Trading W.L.L!



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